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In December 2011 local Helensburgh resident and sight impaired athlete Nathan Johnston came up with an idea of a charity run from Helensburgh to Stanwell Park Beach. Nathan's vision was for this run to commence at the historic Helensburgh town proceed down into the rainforest community of Otford up to the scenic 'Bald Hill' lookout and down to Stanwell Park Beach. Nathan believed such a run would be challenging but in turn showcase the truly wonderful features of the Helensburgh, Otford and Stanwell Park communities and while not the same event a semblance of the prior race with the same name.

A committee of local residents was established soon after and Nathan's vision started to take shape. It was decided the run would be aptly named the 'Burgh2Beach'. It was also decided that the run should be a charity run and that Motor Neurone Disease NSW (MND) would be the cause.

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For more information about Motor Neurone Disease check out the MND NSW website:

MND Website www.mndnsw.asn.au

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Sunday October 27th
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